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Fundamentals of Diamond Trading


This online course provides you the tools, strategies and insider knowledge from industry experts, to better understand the entire diamond industry with a focus on the commercial and practical aspects of buying and selling diamonds. Learn at your own pace anywhere anytime and take your diamond trading to the next level.

The course is for:

Newcomers, diamond professionals and industry enthusiasts

Course topics:

  • Diamond industry landscape, key players and terminology   
  • Diamond pricing               
  • Impact of technology   
  • Best trading practices and tips   
  • Market trends   
  • Laws and ethics 

Price: $199

Get Started: learn.rapaportacademy.com


About Rapaport Academy

Rapaport Academy is an e-learning for diamond industry professionals – it is aiming to raise overall levels of knowledge and productivity. On completion of the courses, learners will be equipped with the necessary tools to get ahead in this ever-changing industry. 


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